Sunday, September 18, 2011


I know I haven't been posting much (I admit, my failure to upload that design last time discouraged me quite a bit), but we've been hashing out new details and getting to work on some of our projects.

Project 1: brooches and shoe clips
     I can't remember where we got the idea to put brooches in my bouquet; this idea has become super popular and we probably got the idea from several sources. While most of the brooch bouquets you see are more brooch than flower, we were (for obvious reasons) thinking we'd reverse that ratio. So:
 Not like this.
Like this (see that turquoise one tucked in there?).

     I had also been looking around the internet for shoe clips for myself and my bridesmaids. I plan to let them buy whatever black shoes they want (or use what they have) and then add the uniformity myself with pretty clip-on accents. The problem was, I was coming up nil on etsy, etc. At least nothing that I liked that didn't also cost like $80 a pop. However, while scouring antique stores for bargain bouquet  brooches, I had the brilliant idea to buy clip-on earrings instead! A big rummage sale in Clear Lake and a Junk Bonanza later, we've got 3 terrific pairs! Only two or three more, and we're set! Here's an idea of what they'll look like:

Project 2: Ribbon Dancers
     For the send off, I was already certain I wanted to go the ribbon dancer route. These things are so pretty! I'm sure the pictures will be awesome, unless of course it's raining. Anyway, Mom got some dowels, Dad's going to cut them into four pieces each, I'm going to spray paint them gold, then we'll tie the ribbons on. For a little something extra, we're going to attach a jingle bell to ends, but the ones we got were too big so we'll have to wait a bit on that. It's a little wrong how excited I am about these. 

     Well, that's all for now. I'm going to try to be a better poster in the future!