Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sister, It Won't Be a Sure Thing Until You See It, but I Think We Found the Dress!

     First I want to explain the reason for this blog: I feel I have been totally indecisive about what I want since I got engaged, and I think part of that is not having my sister/MOH around (she's MUCH more decisive than I am!). Also, I guess I just can't be assured that my ideas are solid until I have her input. I believe that, between her, my mom, and myself, there's no way any detail of this wedding will be in bad taste. Anyway, my sister moves to LA in a week, and I needed a way to keep her in the loop and get her help with decisions. Hence, this blog is born!
      This dress is named "Grace" and is by designer Maggie Sottero. I know very little about wedding dress designers, etc., but I know I love this dress! I love its  simplicity and the vintagey-feeling of the lace. Excuse the dorky lace shawl and purse, try to imagine a sash with a brooch around the waist of it, and be aware that we're going to make some little cap-sleeve-type straps out of the lace. It's not just straight lace, there's some beading mixed in. The color I like best is light gold. I have no idea what color sash I'm going to wear, but I do know that the brooch will be gold and will incorporate an old brooch of my grandma Brandt's.  I love that I get to make this dress my own by adding all the little details of my choice! The girl who helped us at Schaffer's is trying her hardest to convince me not to chop off the little train. I guess I just don't think bustling ever looks good, and that's the way I'll be wearing it for the majority of the time. We'll see, I guess! Also, remember that I will not have such a creepy look on my face, nor would Breanna ever do my hair in such a hideous fashion! Now, drum roll please, for the picture! Let me know what you think!
\Large View of the Grace Bridal Gown