Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Save-the-Date JPEG

Ok, I'm trying one last time. I realized that once I save an Illustrator file as a PDF, I can use the program it opens in to save it as a JPEG. I'm really crossing my fingers here! Ok, it's huge, but here it is! I asked around, and pretty much everyone liked the more defined birds better. The two images below are identical. I still worry a little that it's a little informal, but I don't want our wedding to be stuffy and full of itself. Anyway, I hope you can see this image! If it doesn't work, I'm fully prepared to give up.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Save-the-Date Design

      Since the last time I wrote, we bought the dress! Super-exciting, but as the dress won't be here for 5-7 months, it's time to find a new focus. And so we turn to save-the-dates and invitations. Mom and I went to a "Bridal Showcase" at Archivers, and though we didn't learn a whole lot, we did start to sketch out a direction. Unfortunately, I'm still sort of back-and-forth about the colors (mostly because I want too many). One thing I know for sure: I want scratch-off save-the-dates. I found a recipe for making the scratch-off paint, and now I just have to figure out a design. The following is what I've come up with so far, inspired by the antique cake-topper I'm going to use!

Obviously it's simple because I'm no artist, and drawing on a computer program further limits my skills. I'd like to make the birds more defined, to make them look more like real birds, or at least more like the cake-topper birds. Also, it's not exactly sized to fit on a 3 by 5 inch card. I didn't spend a lot of time choosing the font, and I will probably want to pick a font I can use for the invitations and programs as well. Any suggestions are welcome!