Friday, February 3, 2012

Tuxes: CHECK!

     I realize that tuxes aren't the most exciting detail in a wedding. Nevertheless, it feels pretty good to have gotten this done. Not only did we find the best price at the store in Ankeny (Skeffington's Formal Wear), but the price we got was better than we could've hoped! If you're planning a wedding now, they extended a $40 off tux price promotion into February. We got the most basic of the basic: a black one-button tux. With a $5 upgrade to get non-pleated shirts, each tux will cost under $84: shoes, vest, and tie included. That said, I was pretty sure I didn't want a vest and tie, but they explained it would be cheaper to order them. Here's what we chose:

I still intend to not use this vest and tie, but to have the men go vest-less and wear ties I either make or buy. Still, it's good to have a backup! Here are some examples from a cool etsy store (Projector: Tie the Knot) that are close to what I'm thinking:

      I'm thinking either black with a gold image, gold with a black image, or purple with a gold image. I'm trying to design something that would both be masculine and go with the wedding. I'll let you know when I come up with something good!