Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thanks to My Amazing Bridesmaids!

     My bridesmaids have all gotten fitted for and paid for their dresses! They're ordered, and they will be here in a matter of WEEKS! I seriously can't wait (if you remember, we needed to order 5 dresses to get a big discount, so I got a gold and ivory version to wear for the rehearsal dinner)! I know that I told you I wouldn't show a picture of them, but as I've shown you everything else, it seemed silly to hold back this little detail. Here's a picture of Breanna wearing the dress:

I love the dress because I get sort of a Jackie-O vibe from it: it's classy and has a classic style about it, but it's also different from any bridesmaid dress I've seen before. Ours will have purple underneath the black lace. We haven't made an executive decision about the belt yet: it comes with black, but we may switch it to purple. Each bridesmaid will also wear a vintage brooch on the belt. My rehearsal dinner dress has ivory lace over gold satin.

Here's a picture of Bre and I together (that's my ACTUAL dress!):

There was some worry that the two wouldn't complement each other, but I think we look great together!

     I'm getting pretty psyched, but planning is winding down now that we've gotten so much done. To be honest, that's a little sad! Now we mostly have the execution to go, as well as some things I can't post online (bridesmaids' gifts, etc.). Don't be surprised if my entries continue to be few and far between.

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  1. I think they compliment each other quite well. Can't even decide myself whether I would like the lack or purple belt. I'm sure both would look fab!